Poppiness – Because Poppies Always Make Me Smile

Those of you who follow my writing life have heard me talk about my garden of California native plants and maybe you’ve seen some photos of the critters who have come to visit after we ripped out the lawn and installed a native garden devoted, mostly, to encouraging wildlife to visit our yard. I love to talk to people about how they can make a difference, even if all they have is a small plot of sterile land in the middle of the city. You’d be surprised at what a difference you can make.

I decided to put all my gardening thoughts and photos in one place and the result is what you see here, Poppiness, because poppies always make me smile.

I’ve tried to post about the basic steps we went through but please feel free to ask me any questions or for more details. I can promise I’ll be adding more photos along the way. It’s almost spring and the garden should be fabulous in bloom!

Please, poke around the nooks and crannies. I’m still getting settled so let me know if something doesn’t work the way you expect it to.


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