Before & After Dry Creek

There was an excess of cement in the front yard as far as we were concerned. The aggregate next to the driveway and streetside were removed when the paver driveway was put in. The lawn was removed about the same time. A large part of the front yard is the dry creek bed which is part of our rainwater collection.

I created the original plan when we first removed the lawns. Made a few goofs with the first design (too wide, all the rocks were the same size) but I think it’s looking pretty good now.

Dry Creek Bed

From a design standpoint, I wanted a dry creek bed in the front yard. From a conservation standpoint, I wanted it to do double-duty so we decided to set it up in such a way as to not only collect rain in the creek bed but to also feed the water runoff from the downspouts. (Read more about how we collect roof runoff.)

Before digging I used garden hoses to lay out an approximate design. My fearless husband dug for several days to give us a creek bed approximately 15 feet long and with a depth that ranges from six inches to about 2 and 1/2 feet. All the dirt removed was used to make berms throughout the rest of the front yard.

Both downspouts from the front of the house feed into the top of the creek bed from 4inch flexible pipe with a grate on the end. Before the rainy season we make sure the grate is free of leaves. I confess the first year we had it we ran outside once it had been raining for a while to watch the creek fill up with water. Now that it has been in for a few years the water doesn’t often come up above the rocks but when it does, it soaks back down fairly quickly.

As you look through the photos you’ll notice (perhaps) that the first version of the creek bed didn’t look very realistic. I just didn’t quite grasp the concept and as a result, we filled it up with rocks of all one size and it just looked like a big flat ribbon of rock or maybe a drainage ditch but nothing like the creek bed in my head. We took out a bunch of the rocks, added boulders and, as you can see, the final result is much more realistic. At the very top of the creek bed is a pondless water feature, otherwise known as an in-the-ground swimming pool for the birds. As always, click on any photo to see it larger.

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