Second Water Feature

We learned a lot from the first water feature.  Although we really liked the idea of a solar powered pump we couldn’t get the panel into the sun enough for it to run very long so the birds didn’t get a lot of enjoyment from it. They’d come by when the rock wasn’t bubbling. So we knew we would use an electrical pump for the next one.

I did some poking around online and found a place that offered a bubbling rock kit, basically they sent you a rock in a bucket with a pump and a grate. All you did was dig the hole. So we decided to give that a try.

The rock really did come in the bucket. The top of the bucket had holes in it. The idea was the same as it was with the first water feature, you dig a hole, put the bucket in the hole, put the pump in the bucket, put the lid on the bucket, add water and run the pump to the electrical outlet. This kit came with some heavy black plastic to go under the rock edges to help the water stay where it was supposed to stay.

It was a good idea, in theory. Alas for us it never worked. The rock was just as big as the top it was sitting on and it was hard to get the water pumping out just right so that it went back into the bucket and didn’t dry out the pump. As you can see from the photos, we made a few alterations and eventually, the plastic garbage can lid worked best. It looked ugly but the birds didn’t seem to care.

I had something a little different in mind which eventually led to the current water features.

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