How do we deal with weeds?

We pull ’em when we see them. We use no pesticides of any kind.

On the plus side, the sheet mulching and mini fir bark we have used all over the yard has kept the weeds down to a manageable amount. When the rains start up and the first weeds sprout, I try to put a few every day.

The biggest challenge in our yard is the Bermuda grass. The back lawn was more than 50% Bermuda grass when we removed it. Add to that, our neighbors on all sides have Bermuda grass that they don’t do a lot to control. Along the back fence where it has been creeping in a lot we dug down and put in a vertical sheet of bamboo barrier covered with mulch.

But for the most part, just pull them when you see them.

No magic wand. And like I said, no pesticides of any kind.

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