Lily Day 23 – A Sad Day

As is my routine, first thing this morning I went out to check Lily’s nest to see if the eggs had started to hatch. Alas, this is what I found, an empty nest. It could have been crows, though the spindly bush didn’t look like it sustained any damage as I might have expected if such a large bird had landed in it. It might have been rats as I know they travel the fence just a few feet from where the nest is located. We’ll never know.

Lily has been my obsession for several weeks and I’m the better for it. She has taught me to observe, helped me learn to be still, and greatly improved my photography skills. I hope I’ll get another chance to observe something this special, in my own backyard.

Ironically enough, today I am the guest poet over on GottaBook with Greg’s annual gathering of 30 Poets for 30 Days. A poem about Lily is posted there.

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