First Water Feature

When I decided I wanted to upgrade the water feature in my yard from a bird bath to running water, I really wanted a pond. I didn’t care so much about fish but I wanted the sound of bubbling water and a place where the birds and other critters could refresh themselves. I read about bubbling rocks and decided that was what I needed and convinced my husband to put it together for me.

Supplies, according to what I read online, were simple. Get a container for the water, a pump, a rock with a hole in the top and something to hold the rock on top of the container. I found a feed bucket made of extra heavy duty plastic, a BBQ grate that would cover the bucket but allow the water to go back down the sides of the rock, and I ordered a little solar pump from some place online. We went to the rockyard and picked up a small rock that was already drilled and ready for us.

My husband dug the hole and got the entire thing set up which worked out pretty much the way we read it would. He added a float valve which was a good idea in theory but didn’t work for very long. (We didn’t bother with that in future water features.)

We only had a couple of issues with this water feature. One, we couldn’t keep the solar panel in sun all day so unless I wanted to go outside and keep moving it around (I didn’t) it only ran for about an hour a day. Two, the size of the rock was too close to the size of the opening of the bucket which meant that with splashing, not all the water returned, as it should, to the bucket. This was a lesson we would learn a couple more times before solving it.

But it DID work and the birds did find it. I decided I wanted a second water feature on the other side of the yard.

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