Before & After Front Yard

We didn’t fall in love with this house because of the yard. There was a tiny patch of lawn that was mostly Bermuda grass, a Mayten tree that dropped branches every time the wind blew, a courtyard fence that was falling apart and all that cement! The parking strip had cement, the driveway was extended on both sides with more cement. We knew there was dirt under there someplace and took on the task of finding it.

I created the initial design (after much research) and we have tweaked it several times over the years. Most recently we hired noted urban habitat specialist Jeffrey Caldwell to help us amp up the habitat value. There are still plants waiting to fill in and a bit more tweaking to be done, but we’re pretty happy with having all that concrete out of there.

As you would expect, there’s been a dramatic increase in the wildlife activity since this change.


  • I came here from FB. I love what you did with your front yard! I haven’t seen the rest yet. We live in the house my husband grew up in, in SE Nebraska. Over the years, I have talked him out of more and more lawn. We have way too much cement, too, but I haven’t talked him out of that. His dad put it there to prevent water from getting into the basement. I’m not sure how much got in before, but we still get some in most of the times we get rain.

    I have planted an assortment of plants over the years, including some native ones. I am planting mostly native plants in the area we just dug up last year in the front yard. I am excitedly watching to see what all is coming up, now that spring seems to be here.
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    March 12, 2012
    • Susan Taylor Brown

      Hi, thank you so much for stopping by. I’m sorry for the delay in a reply. I’ll do better going forward.

      I appreciate your kind words. You get a lot more rain back in Nebraska than I do so I’m sure drainage is a huge issue. The native garden is just endless fascination for me. Every day there is something new to explore, to appreciate.

      April 14, 2012

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