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All photographs and text are copyright Susan Taylor Brown. Please contact me if you want to reprint any of materials. I am a professional writer and make my living by my writing so please, do not steal my words. I am happy contract out for writing if you need some help.

Because I always want to know these sorts of things, I’ll share what I’ve done to build this site.

It is a 100% Word Press site. This is a self-hosted installation using the free software available at .

My site is hosted at and they have been great with the little bit of help I’ve needed.

The theme I am using is called Dandelion and is designed by Pexeto. My son, an awesome WordPress designer/programmer, bought the theme for me at ThemeForest.

These are the plugins I am currently using:

  • Akismet
  • Awesome Flickr Gallery
  • Comment Luv
  • NexGen Gallery
  • Open Book
  • Subscribe to Comments

Any pictures taken before January 10th were taken with a Sony Cybershot. My new camera is a Nikon P500. I’m in love with the zoom.



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